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HKDSE Economics


There are fine-tuning and revisions on Topics F, G, H and J. For more details, please contact Miss Lee to schedule a lesson.

Compulsory part:

A Basic Economic Concepts

B Firms and Production

C Market and Price

D Competition and Market Structure

E Efficiency, Equity and the Role of Government

F Measurement of Economic Performance

G National Income Determination and Price Level

H Money and Banking

I Macroeconomic Problems and Policies

J International Trade and Finance

Elective part:

Elective Part 1: Monopoly Pricing, Anti-competitive Behaviours and Competition Policy; OR

Elective Part 2: Extension of Trade Theory, Economic Growth and Development

With effect from the 2019 Examination:
Paper 1 (multiple-choice questions) 30% , 1 hour
Paper 2 (conventional paper) 70% , 2 hours 30 minutes

Part 1: Compulsory Part
Part 2: Elective Part (a choice of one out of two electives) 

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