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Professional Economics Tutoring Services  

Promising Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way

Want to find an effective way to learn Econ? A professional private Econ tutor will surely be helpful. Flexible time, individualized learning strategy, effective way to learn, after lesson support...etc. I serve students of all backgrounds. With the personalized guidance, you can expect very visible improvements.


As a well-renowned full time Economics private tutor in Hong Kong, I have been teaching IB, GCE-AL, IGCSE, GCSE, HKDSE, AP, university undergraduate and postgraduate Economics and related subjects for more than 10 years. Whether you’re looking for One-to-One Lessons or Exam Prep, explore the lessons I offer and see how I can help you to improve your grade and become an excellent exam candidate.

Miss LEE 有超過十年全職私人專科補習經驗,專補經濟學。無論 IB , GCE-AL, IGCSE, GCSE, HKDSE, AP 各公開考試,抑或大學經濟學及金融相關學科上遇到任何困難,甚至 CFA 考試 (特許金融分析師專業試) ,Miss LEE 也有豐富經驗幫助您!

  • 有效幫助學生於短期內提升成績,提高學習興趣。​

  • 引導學生突破學習樽頸,入讀世界頂尖學府之經濟/金融學系。

  • 課堂深受英/美留學生或準備留學英/美的同學歡迎!

  • CFA考試補習,學生 1 Take Pass!

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Common Study Mistakes for ALL exams of Economics

It's important to avoid falling behind in any Economics course; there's just too much material to learn if you get significantly behind. You need to master the topics during the school year to ace your Economics papers. Some common mistakes are:


  1. Avoiding topics you don’t understand in class. If you didn’t learn it in class, you need to look for help. I would recommend students get help through private tutoring. An experienced private tutor is able to help expanding your knowledge base, obtaining a depth understanding of economics concepts step by step, developing your personal study methodology in economics.

  2. Waiting to study until a month or two before the exams. There are a lot of concepts to master. A month or two is not enough time to learn them all, that is why all open examination courses are taught over 1 to 3 years.

  3. Misconceiving examiner's expectation. Examination skills that are generally taught in tutorial schools are not as important as you think. The techniques of writing your paper are easy to learn and most candidates get the skills. It's not going to make you an OUTSTANDING candidate, instead you should work on what really impresses examiner.

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